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Johanna Lieberman

IMG-4382 (1).jpg moonstone goddess

Light+Grace Jewels' Moon Goddess Necklace connects us to our Inner Goddess.

The Gem of the High Priestess, keeper of feminine mysteries, Moonstone connects us with the beautiful force of nature, the moon, as it shines down upon us from the starry sky,  lighting a path on which to guide us through life and its many cycles of change.  

This stone of new beginnings, offers calm to our emotions as the moon waxes and wanes and connects us to our intuition and insight, leading us to self-discovery and a balance of our feminine and male energies while supporting our third eye and crown chakra.

 Let this magical stone bestow you with fierce grace and support while you navigate this wonderful inward and outward journey. 

A synergy of feminine and male energies, the Moon Goddess Moonstone is dancing amid a string of Pyrite stars, protective and grounding, creatively stimulating, helpful for creating harmony, commitment, overcoming fear and enhancing memory, strength and perseverance.


38" in length, the Moon Goddess Necklace can be worn long or wrapped short as shown.