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Johanna Lieberman

Step into summer with Diamonds and let your light shine!
Celebrate the ease and breeze of summer with these shimmering and stunning diamonds which will lighten and brighten any mood or dress. These rose cut beauties, set with silver+gold and strung with pyrite are sure to put a sparkle in your or night.

This symbol of Pure Light can help bring our lives into a cohesive whole, bringing love and clarity to our relationships with others and The Divine. Diamond, the stone of Divine Radiance, encourages us to put Life's Lessons to use, lends strength during adversity and enables us to respond with Grace and Ease. It's merciless light imparts fearlessness, sovereignty and fortitude, highlighting the negative which needs transformation.

Connected to the heart, third eye and crown chakras, this luminous gem has been known to enhance our energy, creativity and imagination,
revealing our truth and inner beauty.

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Divine Diamond Collection