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Stone of Truth

Johanna Lieberman

I’ll call it serendipity that Tourmaline has been my latest semi precious stone of choice. Long treasured for its potent aid in nurturing relationships and business, it is a perfect stone for keeping a venture on course, a project on schedule and life on track. It is no wonder that I have surrounded myself with a raw and beautiful bounty of Tourmaline while embarking on the journey of revitalizing, renaming and restoring my business through which I have made connection to you and the world. It is the gorgeous green in my first feature photo on the debut of my website Light+Grace.

For the past several years I have followed my heart which has taken me down what have seemed to be very different paths simultaneously...and have often wondered how and if my interests and studies through the healing arts...spiritual psychology, reiki, nutrition, yoga and massage... and the creative arts...color theory, visual/graphic design, cooking and jewelry artisanry...would somehow and someday meet. Light+Grace embraces my journey and has allowed my truth to come full circle...and me to share this culmination of work with you.

Along the way, the powerful properties and color of stones have helped guide me here.

Tourmaline promotes self-confidence and self-knowledge...allowing us to live our truth. It attracts inspiration, compassion and prosperity...inspires creativity...and may be used to project, create and energize one’s intentions.

Green is associated with the lush and fertile energy of “mother earth”, so when we choose to wear or work with green stones, we are aligning ourselves with the healing energy of nature and calling in health, vitality, success, wealth and abundance. Green Tourmaline in particular, is connected to the heart chakra where it has the power to balance, energize and wake up the power that lives there. For when we are free to live, create and work from our heart is when we can truly shine our light and grace.