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12512 Washington Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA, 90066
United States



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Light+Grace Boutique Opening

Johanna Lieberman

announcement boutique grid.JPG


Summer is upon us at Indigo House, 
our new community coffee lounge and home away from home in Culver City, where I am thrilled to announce I have opened Light+Grace Boutique, a curated collective featuring jewelry, clothing, textiles, bags, ceramics, candles, crystals, cards, artwork, and
other artisanally designed and made lifestyle goods. 

Light+Grace Boutique is intended as a space to encourage women designers, makers and artists to explore and expand their creativity with the opportunity
to showcase and sell their beautiful wares.
Our brands include Light+Grace Design, Made by Radha, Aileen Leijten, Kat Leuzinger, GARA, Peri, Tysa, Objects with Purpose, Blue Girl Goods, Hippie Luxe, Stacia and
WTR Essence. Billow Softgoods and Paperlove Boutique.

Indigo House serves Groundwork coffee and tea, pastry, salads, sandwiches and more. 
A stage for live music, poetry readings and storytelling, a board game parlor, art gallery, bookshelves filled with good reads and a pool table in the back
inspire the community to gather and engage.

Nestled in the happening west end of Culver City near Mar Vista, Venice and Santa Monica, Light+Grace Boutique and Indigo House are conveniently located at 12512 W. Washington Blvd. LA 90066.