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12512 Washington Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA, 90066
United States



Johanna Lieberman, Los Angeles based creator and owner of Light+Grace Design, delights in sharing her love of and expertise in design and the healing arts. Through her intuitively inspired and light-filled jewelry, hand-crafted in her Santa Monica Studio, Johanna brings beauty, well-being, and connection to women’s lives.

 Johanna’s years of experience as a healer are carried into her designs. A Reiki master, she believes strongly in Universal Energy and the healing powers of it. The stones she works with are intentionally chosen for their healing power and, which she then elevates with Reiki energy to infuse even more splendor and vibration to gem, stone, and ultimately the jewel. The results are distinctive, elegant, and versatile pieces that empower and inspire those who wear them.

 Through Light+Grace, Johanna has melded the many interests, gifts and modalities she is graced with and she has made it her life’s work to share this light with the world.